07:34:21 - 03/12/2023  

The R-2000 regulator is being fine-tuned and tested at present connected to a wood dryer.


MOD. R2000
MOD. R2000

It is a much more powerful system as compared to the R33 PLUS. Indeed the R-2000 is capable of managing several dryers in a very refined manner.
The most important characteristics of the R-2000 regulator are:

- Possibility of managing two measurement cards, i.e. 16 wood probes, 4 temperature probes and 4 EMC probes.
It can be used to measure the air humidity with the dry bulb and wet bulb method and in this case the wood drying programmes are managed bearing in mind these parameters.

- The heating, dehumidification and ventilation control can be carried out proportionally and the heating is also equipped with an analogic output.

- Auxiliary inputs allow the heat exchanger input and output temperatures to be measured and the management of energy savings.

- Electricity consumption control and reduction according to the time of day and festivity.

- Heating valves and dumpers position control.

- A wide range of wood drying program phases can be carried out choosing different priorities such as:
1° - Temperature and EMC;
2° - Average Wood Moisture
3° - Time.
In this way it is possible to optimise the cycles according to the types of dryers.


MOD. R2000 19" - DIM. Cm 12 x 48 x 31 (H x L x P)
MOD. R2000 19" - DIM. Cm 12 x 48 x 31 (H x L x P)